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For your restaurant project, you can call on the professional that we are to help you. The opening of a new restaurant is a large scale project requiring an in-depth study and various tasks. The layout of rooms such as the location of the restaurant, bar or toilets must be studied. Also, various processes such as renovation, refurbishment and many others have to be carried out.

3D design before work

Let yourself be transported into your restaurant as if it were finished. We carry out the 3D design of your project so that you can have the final rendering before work. All aspects are addressed and nothing is done by chance.

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C’ Cuisine offers you a wide choice of equipment and professional materials for restaurants and hotels. Our professional designers will be able to advise you in choosing the right equipment for your activity.


M Design offers made-to-measure solutions for your restaurants and shops. Specialists in the interior design and arrangement of your restaurant, our CHR architects will be happy to meet your requirements.


To assist you in your projects, ARCHIRESTAU makes its skills available for audits and advice in the restaurant industry, design offices and professional training in the restaurant industry.

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The quality of kitchen equipment for hotels

As professionals in the sale of kitchen equipment for hotels, we have a wide range of accessories to decorate the tables. No matter what type of service a large hotel offers to its guests, we are at their disposal to provide the best facilities. For example, for hotels with a bakery, our equipment can even be adapted to the cold. In order to keep up with the competition and keep up to date with technology, all accessories and materials are up-to-date products. To ensure that the products are of high quality and well refrigerated, it is essential to use the right cooking equipment.

Fitting out for a restoration project: interior atmosphere

For your restaurant design project, the services of professionals in the sector are essential. In addition to the remodelling, we carry out the interior makeover. Our mission is to accompany you at every stage of your project, to advise you and support you in the layout of your furniture and in the choice of decorative elements that will be your signature, your style and your identity.

Our DPLG architects, interior designers and culinary advisers are experts in the field of restoration. Their analyses will allow you to know the future potential of the property you are considering.

A must in the fields of architecture, interior design, hotel design, restaurants, shops, various and varied premises.

We can also help you with the various studies concerning the arrangement of the restaurant’s spaces. For example, we can advise you on the ideal location of the coffee corner in your restaurant. In fact, being accompanied by our team will also consist in providing you with a decorator or even several, specialists in interior design and room fitting.

Our only goal is to make your restaurant a convivial and gourmet place worthy of your image.

Restaurant project design: the layout and building project

In order to make it easier for you with regard to the different steps in your restaurant project, we put our expertise at your entire disposal. Indeed, “Archi Restau” puts at your service CHR architectsfor the conception and study of your project. In this way, a restaurant design architect will carry out for you the renovation and extension of the rooms, the interior for disabled access as well as the interior design of your restaurant.

For renovation and interior design, Archi Restau takes care of the study of the project from the planning stage to the completion of the work. This may involve drawing up an estimate and the necessary materials. As for the realisation, we carry out the follow-up of the works, the choice of furniture as well as the interior decoration of which we have an excellent mastery. In addition to the choice of furniture, we offer in the offer of restaurant renovation, interior design and advice on furniture layout.

Complete makeover of your restaurant or hotel

In our role as a restaurant designer architect, we can also offer you an interior makeover for your business. By relooking, we will determine for you the choice of colours and decorations in order to bring out the atmosphere you are looking for. As for interior access for the physically handicapped, we will arrange your space to make it safe for senior citizens and accessible for people with reduced mobility.

In short, in order to be of service to you in the project implementation, professionals and private individuals without exception, we place our expertise at your service as project manager. In addition to these various tasks, we can advise you on everything that concerns the brewery. Through these operations, our sole goal is to take care of the identity of the place.

3D restaurant design for better projection

We can provide you with a 3D design of your restaurant or hotelto help you project yourself better. Our architect-designers will analyse the spaces to present you with the most optimal configuration. We provide all our clients with private access to our site. This private access will allow you to follow the evolution of the 3D design of your restaurant or hoteland simplify exchanges with our architects without having to go to our premises.

Vitrophanie : creation of an event and advertising medium

For your commercial project, window dressing is the most suitable marketing solution. It is an adhesive to be stuck on the glass of your commercial space, both inside and outside. If you have a shop, you can display your brands or the promotions you offer.

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