Consulting and auditing in catering

The search for qualified personnel

The success of a restaurant is based on the quality of its staff, who must know their environment and the fundamentals of the restaurant business, yes, work according to the rules of the art, because indeed cooking is an art. An art where all the senses are awakened, sight, smell, touch and of course taste, all these senses are in emotions.

In order to achieve them, advice is the most important. We can also follow a guide whose contents contain essential points about each job in the organisation. Above all, however, the concept must follow a consistent golden rule from A to Z.

The harmony, the environment, the style of the restaurant as well as the atmosphere must suit our desire and our personality. However, this is not enough to build customer loyalty. A communication strategy is needed first, and the projects and objectives to be achieved are developed little by little.

The staff must be up to scratch, the service must be of high quality. But in addition to quality staff, the restaurant must be a treat for the taste buds and the wallet.

In order to achieve this sweet alchemy, the advice of a professional in the trade is essential. ARCHIRESTAU is there for just that!

The central kitchen: the heart of the restaurant ensuring food safety

In order to determine the value of our company, we should establish a valuation mission on objectives based on historical and forecast financial data. Our restaurant should refer to larger ones in order to have an audit against the objectives. The audit-consulting mission provides assurance on the degree of control over our operation, and its advice helps us to improve while helping to create added value for our restaurant.

Concerning the administration of the company, the operational management must be at the quality level in these services. This enhances the value of our restaurant much more than others, we could have a control plan in the organisation. Hygiene is therefore an essential point for efficiency in the field.

Hygiene advice for customers underlines our value, for example advice on each dish served. Indeed, without the advice and audit in the restaurant, the service of each team does not improve. This is how we draw on our experience to become true professionals in restaurant engineering.

The evaluation audit is based on two techniques that are being developed and renewed in depth under the influence of the entrepreneurial model. Consulting and auditing in restoration consists of examining management processes by determining on efficiency and competence.

In France, the evaluation audit is an assistance provided by the major restorers, it has become the audit of international France. A successful company must have a process and make an evaluation, it is a step in a restoration concept. Thanks to the diagnostic audit, we can develop our company by making the corrective actions obtained.

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